We’ve all watched the dumpster fire that’s been Washington DC for the past four years, but  our future is one of renewed hope as we witnessed a new administration be sworn in. Biden’s transition team and new Administration  have started detailing how the president will spend his first 100 days in office, but we’re here to tell you his plans for his first days and how it will impact the Latinx community.

Biden has announced that his very first day in office will include passing seventeen executive orders, all focused on different initiatives he campaigned on. The most prominent of these promises will be highlighting his comprehensive plan for immigration, taking action on climate change, spelling out his plans to combat COVID-19, and the reimplementation of trans rights. 

Biden vowed to rejoin the World Health Organization on his very first day – a reversal of the Trump administration’s initial withdrawal, which was slated to take place on July 6th, 2021 after being announced in the summer of 2020. This, the Biden administration believes, will help the US navigate the COVID-19 pandemic more effectively as vaccines roll out. As communities of color continue to be the most impacted by the pandemic, this news is welcomed by underserved communities. 

Climate change will also be addressed with Biden signing on to a bill to tackle the threat that promises a plan to ensure the US will have a clean energy economy by 2050, along with net-zero emissions. Protecting and conserving 30% of the US’s natural environment is also on the radar, a huge reversal from the Trump administration’s rollbacks of natural land protection.

Repealing the transgender military plan was also a day one focus, along with the reimplementation of Obama-era advisories for trans students in schools. This is a huge move for members of the LGBTQ+ community after years of threats of protection rollbacks.

One of the most important promises of Biden’s plan, includes his promise to send a bill to Congress that will pave the way for citizenship for over 11 million undocumented Americans. The bill is comprehensive in addressing how undocumented immigrants will qualify, but as of now what we know is that it is an eight year path to citizenship with five years of regular check ins and paying taxes before becoming eligible to apply for permanent residency. From then on, all eligible individuals will spend three years on the path to naturalization.

While immigration is one of the most relevant issues to the Latinx community, all of these bills affect us. Without effective climate and environmental legislation, there is a very real existential threat that disproportionately affects the Latinx community. These are all promised plans ahead of Biden’s first day in office, but the Biden administration has already drafted a more comprehensive First 100 Days that outlines everything from COVID-19 vaccine rollouts over the next year, to additional $1,400 stimulus funds.

Biden has much to deliver on as president, especially to communities of color that turned out to vote to deliver the presidency to him in states like Arizona and Georgia. It is important that although we will undoubtedly have more qualified people in office this time around, we must continue holding our publicly elected officials accountable for their actions. Biden’s campaign promised much to our communities, and it is both ours and his administration’s responsibility to see that everything is delivered.

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