By: Jacqueline Priego

Let me welcome you to the world of PinkSlipped. Actually, first I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Jacqueline Priego, Writer, Creator, Co-Director and Actress in PinkSlipped. I’m a hopeless dreamer on a mission to tell empowering stories about the people and lives I know best.

Now to the task at hand, imagine a world where Latinx are maneuvering their daily lives against insurmountable obstacles. They’re stuck in a game in which they don’t know the rules and by the time they’ve gotten a grasp on what move is right and what move is lethal to their survival they’ve already lost. The game is cold. The lights are bright. The gatekeepers are shape shifters. The rule makers are overlords. The trap is suffocating. I mean, the game. The end is near.

That is until you open your eyes to the possibility that maybe just maybe there’s hope in creating an entirely new game, one in which you remove the obstacles, sidestep the gatekeepers, and eliminate the need for the rule makers. Will it be perfect? No. Will it be easy? Definitely not. Will it be worth it? Yes!

This is the world of PinkSlipped. The show follows the lives of best friends Jacqueline, Elena, and Rosie who are all navigating modern day workplaces rife with chameleon like coworkers, fluorescent-lit tundra-like spaces, and hostile bosses. The glimmer of hope lies in their friendship and their strong entrepreneurial spirit. They understand that to change their current circumstances, they must take back their power, expertise and use it for themselves. They too are on a mission to tell the stories, their stories, but via a website they affectionately named, La Provocadora.

My story and the story of my protagonists aren’t that different.  I currently find myself navigating the entertainment industry as an outsider. I don’t know the rules. I don’t know the gatekeepers and I certainly do not have access to the decision makers. What I do have is an insatiable need to tell the stories of my people in a dignified, beautiful, and meaningful way. I also have the power of social media and a community that is the #1 consumer of digital content.

As a person of color born of immigrants, I do not have the luxury or privilege to simply be a writer. I must be writer, creator, co-director, actress, marketer, publicist, technologist, spokesperson, networker, website developer, social media strategist, event planner, and activator. When you do not have access to a network, when you’re not born to a name with weight, when all you have is your dream and the guts to pursue it with all your entire being then you find a way and you play all the roles to your best abilities. Just as much as storytelling is in our DNA, the entrepreneurial spirit is engrained in our souls. Latinx find a way whether it be putting a roof over our family’s heads, food on the table, starting a business, or growing an empire. We are the American dream.

Ready or not, Hollywood, you have put out a call for diverse female driven content. You have opened the floodgates to our imaginations and told us that our time is now. We are connecting. We are organizing. We are preparing ourselves and building our networks on a grass roots level like our mamas and papas taught us. We’re ready to answer your call and make our way to Hollywood to claim our seat at the table.

My story, very much like the story of Jacqueline, Elena, and Rosie, is just beginning. Season 2 is coming and I couldn’t be happier to be at the helm of both of these stories.

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