It was quite the eventful week and Luz Collective is here to make sure you don’t miss the top stories. In case you missed it, here are a few stories that will get a conversation going.

Netflix suspends a transgender employee over Dave Chapelle’s stand-up special controversy.

Netflix has suspended three employees after they crashed a meeting meant for top executives. Those suspended included a transgender person who criticized Dave Chappelle’s Netflix stand-up special “The Closer.” Software Engineer Terra Field tweeted that Chappelle “attacks the trans community and the very validity of transness-all while trying to pit [them] against other marginalized groups.” However, Netflix claims Field and the two other employees were not suspended for tweeting about the stand-up special. Chapelle has faced intense backlash since the debut of “The Closer.” 

Source: NBC

Capitol police leadership face backlash after an anonymous former U.S. Capitol Police Officer revealed alleged abhorrent behavior.

A former high-ranking U.S. Capitol Police Officer anonymously revealed in a letter to Congress the department leadership’s failures during and after the Jan 6. Capitol riots. The whistleblower described themselves as a high-ranking officer with over 30 years of service. A 16-page letter claims two Capitol Police officials, Yogananda Pittman and Sean Gallagher, did not help any officers once the violence began on Jan 6 and did not share information with other police leadership. The department official wrote, “What I observed was them mostly sitting there, blankly looking at the TV screens showing real-time footage of the officers and officials fighting for the Congress and their lives.” The two officials have not seen any consequences since, accusing congressional leaders of purposely failing to tell the truth about the department’s failures.

Source: CNN

Vice President of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, says Facebook will implement new safety tools after whistleblowers testimony.

After being forced to deal with several whistleblowers, Facebook’s vice president of global affairs, Nick Clegg, said Facebook will implement new safety tools. Users will be averted away from harmful content, and parents will have more control over their teenager’s accounts. Clegg also said the planned service, Instagram Kids, will be part of this solution. Instagram Kids is a service for children 13 and younger. “We can’t change human nature. We always see bad things online. We can do everything we can to try to reduce and mitigate them.” said Clegg. According to Clegg, Facebook has invested $13 billion over the past few years in keeping the platform safe, and that the company has 40,000 people working on these issues. Clegg claims that Facebook has done its best to keep harmful content off the platform and is open to more regulations.

Source: AP News

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