November 13th is World Kindness Day. On the surface, it may seem like just another reason to use a hashtag and take a selfie…but it also got me thinking. Given what the midterms, mass shootings, and devastating California fires have put us through the past week, could there be anything more welcome than a day focused on random acts of kindness?

Today, I invite you all to take a moment and ask yourself how we as Latinas can deliver random acts of kindness to one another, and bring a little LUZ into each other’s lives.

Here are a few ways that come to mind:

1. Tell your tribe you love them. Send that text to your cerebrona friend who went back to school after having kids. Call that Tia who just opened up her restaurant. Thank your mom for dealing with your pata de perro for 18 years. Tell your niece she can do anything she wants, and make sure your prima knows you believe in her.

2. Support a local Latina business. Need to get a birthday present, or looking for a new pair of tacones for yourself? Instead of going to the usual spots (Target, we still love you), take 5 minutes to find a small boutique near you, or shop online from Latina entrepreneurs – like Luz’s Give Me Luz Shop (*cough cough*)  Buy your Alpha Latina shirt today!

3. Offer your strength to your community.  Consider donating or volunteering to organizations that serve Latinas. If you are in CA, consider checking out HOPE – Hispanas Organized for Political Equality who is ‘committed to ensuring political and economic parity for Latinas through leadership, advocacy, and education to benefit all communities and the status of women’.  Now that’s something to get behind!  

4. Be kind to yourself. Today and always, ladies – make yourself a priority. Get a massage, go to yoga, eat that postre today, and love yourself while doing it. The best way to bring joy to the world is to be a beacon of LUZ yourself.

5. Share Latina joy with the world. There are specific ways Latinas are inspired – our music, our art, our fashion brings us life! Share that inspiration with your non-Latina friends on social, and invite them to enjoy our 🙂

May you all shine bright!

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