Halloween has come around and once again it’s caught us running around doing a million things.  So that you don’t end up with a sabana over your head running around yelling Boo, we got you with some last-minute, easy to put together, Latinx-inspired costumes. No cultural appropriation necessary. 

We’ll spare you the over-used Frida Kahlo and Selena costumes. We got you covered with a few less-used and more original ideas. You’re welcome. Bring on the Halloween planning! 


Source: Fanpix.net

Hear us out; we know it was a thing to dress up like Rebelde characters during its heyday 17 years ago, but like other telenovela legends, the look and the series continues to be iconic and for good reason; it’s cute and easy. And with Netflix’s recently announced Rebelde reboot, whether your favorite was Mia, Roberta, Lupita, or Celina, you’re sure to spark some nostalgia and excitement for the new version all at the same time.

All you need is a white button-up shirt, denim skirt, a tie, black boots, and an optional red blazer. Don’t forget about the star sticker on your forehead if you choose to dress up as Mia.

Cheetah Girls

Source: Seventeen

Speaking of iconic, the Cheetah Girls are a must on our list. Ok, maybe we’re cheating a little here cause only one of them is Latina, but hey the fits are fire. These girls keep showing us that girls need to stick together so do it as a group costume or hey, sometimes in life you just gotta go at it solo. 

A color of your choice tracksuit, headband, matching gloves, and you’re set. You can wear a cheetah pattern top under the jacket or cheetah patterned accessories to make it more distinguishable.


Source: Televisa

Ok, yes we admit this one is fairly well-known and well-used every year – we did emphasize “last-minute” and this classic is definitely fast and easy. This homage to the iconic El Chavo del Ocho series means dressing up like our favorite neighborhood side-kick La Chilindrina. Just like in the series, this costume is sure to inspire some jokes. 

A simple green dress, a red cardigan, and a detachable yellow collar are the clothing items needed for the well-known look. Mary Jane shoes and ruffled white socks are essential to do the character justice. Extra points if you draw on freckles and rock the uneven Chilindrina hairstyle.

La Familia P. Luche

Source: Pop Base

Does anyone else miss seeing reruns of “La Familia P. Luche”? This dysfunctional family had us laughing every episode. The underrated wardrobe choices are a simple costume idea for either yourself or a group. 

If you choose Federica, the only thing you need for this costume idea is fur everything. We’re talking fur pink skirt, bag, top, and accessories. A quick trip to any second-hand store should yield all the fur necessary for a Federica of your Halloween dreams. 

Kali Uchis (“After the Storm” music video)

Source: Vevo

If you’re looking for a niche outfit, check out this  Kali Uchis music video outfit. The wardrobe and makeup caused a flood of love when the music video was released. This Kali Uchis look is loved so why not go with it? 

Suppose you don’t know how to perfect the cat eye and full face. With a yellow turtleneck, skirt, and yellow tights, the look is complete—a simple costume idea with essential pieces that can actually get some future use in your closet! 

We want to see your looks! Tag us at @theluzcollective on Insta if you use any of these looks. Happy Halloween! Don’t eat the yellow snow. Oh, wait, wrong season. 

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