It’s no bra day! A day that aims to raise awareness of breast cancer, bringing attention to the importance of breast screening, identifying breast cancer symptoms, and encouraging self-examinations. But did you know there are other health benefits of not wearing a bra? Read on.

A healthier breast skin

Say goodbye to those weird pimples and skin irritations. Avoiding any restricting piece of clothing not only frees us from the uncomfortable fit but also exempts us from trapped humidity, sweat, and dirt that leads to those pesky bumps and irritations.

Better breast form

Not wearing a bra greatly enhances women’s breasts. The weight of your breasts helps strengthen the chest muscle, and the muscles learn to withstand the weight. It’s like working out without the push-ups! Ok, maybe not entirely but research suggests that the long-term benefits of going bra-less are the opposite of what we think – they will actually sag less!

Improves your blood circulation

Trapping the girls in a constricting material and tight bra can impede blood flow to the muscles in the back and chest wall, so sore muscles are bound to happen. Leaving the bra behind will make room for your muscles to expand and grow stronger.

But if you must wear a bra, do this to reduce back pain 

A lot of women get the wrong bra sizing down, which causes bad support. Also sometimes it may be constricting for the muscles to have a badly supported breast area, as your spine will need to make more effort to carry the weight of your chest. There’s evidence that larger breast/cup sizes can contribute to changes in your posture, which in turn may lead to musculoskeletal pain, so if you need extra support up top, make sure you take the time to get properly fitted!

Using a bra or not is a personal decision, and it might change depending on the size of your breasts or your confidence, but keep in mind that, like any other decision for women, your personal health should be the number one factor to consider. Societal expectations of bra-wearing shouldn’t even make it to the list. No one makes men wear jockstraps every day, so why are women pressured to wrap up their external body parts? Exactly. 

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