Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Queen of the South is one of those shows that draws you in and has you rooting for the good guy turned bad. In this case, Teresa Mendoza, is the main protagonist as a woman with a rags to riches story who was caught up in a life of drugs and violence after she started a relationship with her drug dealer boyfriend.

While the show provides quality characters with interesting story lines, it’s also important to note that Hollywood has historically greenlighted narco/cartel shows and characters in abundance, while leaving other narratives that are true of the Latinx community behind. 

The result of this is a pervasiveness in mass media of a false stereotype about the Latinx community, particularly Mexicans and Colombians, as drug dealers, crime syndicates, and violent gang members. 

While the show is an adaptation from the Spanish version, Reina del Sur, starring Kate del Castillo, what’s so different and captivating in the English version is that the main character, Teresa is portrayed as a strong and independent woman. Her love life and relationship are merely a part of her story and not the main storyline itself.

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Teresa is bold, risky and has little to lose so she plays her cards without fear of loss, making her a dangerous woman on the move. The last season will premiere on April 7th at 10/9c on the USA Network. Will she end up with her drug empire intact or is her fate a painful death like most drug lords? 

The interesting way in which Teresa’s story unfolds provides entertainment value that captivates audiences far and wide which can still be enjoyed, even while acknowledging that yet another Narco show is problematic in and of itself. 

Before you watch the show, take a look at some of the most memorable characters from the series:

Teresa Mendoza

Played by the talented Alicia Barraga, Teresa is a former money-changer from Sinaloa, Mexico who falls in love with Guero Davilas and is introduced to the world of narcotics. Teresa rises to the top of the narcotics game and oversees the distribution of cocaine in the South of the United States.


Pote Galvez

Teresa’s right-hand man and sicario, a hired hit-man, is played by Hemky Madera. He is portrayed as a very loyal friend to Teresa and very protective of her.


James Valdez

James’ character, played by Peter Gadiot, is first introduced as the sicario to Camila, Teresa’s nemesis. As the show goes on James feels more and more loyal to Teresa for her values as well as the way she runs her business. Is there a possible love affair between these two?


Camila Vargas

What makes this show so exciting is that we get more than one strong female lead. and in many scenes you find it hard not to root for Camila Vargas given her past. Played by Verónica Falcón, we’re waiting to see if her corrupt political career will help her hunt down Teresa and get her revenge.


Don Epifañio Vargas

Charming and influential, Joaquim de Almeida brings Don Epifañio Vargas to life as a man who leads a double life. One life is of political power and the other of corruption and revenge. While he does die in previous seasons, he plays an important role in Camila’s revenge and in the background of the show.

The comedic relief that King George brings to the action in a heavy and sometimes dark show is welcomed! Played by Ryan O’Nan, King George’s character constantly shows up as a man of last resort to pull off some of the most dangerous stunts to save Teresa.


Can’t wait for the final season? Neither can we! Watch the Queen of the South Trailer below:

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