Graphic designers are valued for their creativity and following those who understand your culture and background adds a special touch to your Instagram feed. They find ways to represent our Latinx culture in unique and nostalgic ways that only those in our community understand. The inside jokes, the nostalgia of childhood memories, and the celebrities we grew up watching all come to life in ways that make us smile.

These days we’re seeing a less-than-friendly Instagram algorithm for artists and makers. That’s why we have compiled a list of talented Latinx designers for you to add a little bit of inspiration and cultura to your Instagram feed along with some Latinx realness.

Soni López-Chávez | @soni_artist

From spiritual healing to calling out cultural appropriation, Soni López-Chávez art speaks for itself. Based in San Diego, California, Soni López-Chávez’s use of bold colors and words will challenge your thinking and open your mind. After having to close down her gallery in San Diego, López-Chávez was able to focus more on her digital art. Her art has been a gift to many in quarantine, including us!

Brenda Barrios | @bbbarrios

We all play a part in the movement for justice and equality. Brenda Barrios, a first-generation UCLA student, uses her art as a medium for activism. Her most viral pieces have been in support of protections for farm workers during wildfires and the pandemic. Barrios’ illustrations speak for marginalized groups who are silenced while informing her audience about social issues.

Jackie Rayas | @thechismosasclub

Want to be a part of the chismosas club? From baby yoda (aka Gorgu) holding a concha to putting some ¡Azucar! in your coffee, Jackie’s art is full of Latinx references. With a color palette full of reds, purples, oranges and browns, Rayas’ art demands your attention.

Dezi Donnersbach | @dezisartvibes

Specializing in strong pops of color and hand-crafted typography, Dezi Donnersbach is the reina of lettering. With her bold colors and motivating messages of trending news and cultural references, Donnersbach feed is sure to catch your eye.

Iliana Galvez | @growmija

Mija, you are magical! Houston based queer Latinx illustrator Iliana Galvez taps into her Latina power to create beautiful messages highlighting Black and Brown bodies. Galvez started Growmija as a love letter to her youngest sister Chachis to show her that she is worthy of all things. Her small project of love turned into a community of 42k mijas.

Sabrina Brügmann | @sasa_elebea

You might recognize these empowering quotes on women and feminine objects being shared on Instagram constantly. Sabrina Brügmann, aka @sas_elebea is an Argentinian illustrator and tattoo artist living in Tel Aviv, Israel. Mixed in the daily struggles of being a woman with a sense of humor, Brügmann’ artwork inspires and motivates people to be unapologetic.

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