We’re always scouting for new businesses to support and with Black History Month underway, we had to show off some of the best emerging Afro-Latina businesses. From hair care to statement pieces, here are our recommendations of businesses and products you need to support year round.

Yo Soy Afro Latina


Bianca Kathryn, founder of Yo Soy Afro Latina started her business as a way of honoring and celebrating her culture while building community. Yo Soy Afro Latina is on a mission to empower women while celebrating Afro-Latinidad, and her products do just that! One of our faves is her ‘Negrita’ mug – a celebration of melanated skin and a reclaiming of a word that can often be used as a diminutive for Black women. 

Embrace Crowns


Embrace Crowns was started as a response to Hurricane Maria in 2018 when many women in Puerto Rico were forced to wear their natural hair. During a time without many options, many women ended up accepting and loving their natural hair. Embrace Crowns was there to help them style their hair with afro-ethnic pieces and designs. Our favorite part about Embrace Crowns? You get to select your cloth design and the size of the headwrap. Whatever you pick, you can’t go wrong! 

Bomba Curls


When Lulu, the founder of Bomba Curls, found herself suffering from severe alopecia, she turned to her Dominican Republic roots for natural remedies. She quickly realized that she had found magical potions that had her edges and curls coming back to life. Since then she shared her secrets with the world by creating Bomba Curls and giving the world hair elixirs that would improve the health and look of natural hair. Her products are a must-buy for curl queens!

Sunkiss Organics


The story of Sunkiss Organics begins with a series of unfortunate events including itchy, painful eczema that was treated with steroid creams only to have Jessica Jade, the founder of Sunkiss Organics, wearing turtlenecks in the hot New York summers! After an unexpected conversation with her grandmother where she recommended natural ingredients to treat her skin, Jade developed organic skincare to soothe, heal, and help skin glow! 

Luna Magic


A vibrant brand that celebrates Latin culture and heritage? Luna Magic has entered the chat.  Sisters Mabel and Shaira Frias combined their passions to create Luna Magic, a beauty and lifestyle brand full of vibrant colors that represent life. Luna Magic started off with lashes and has extended into highly pigmented eyeshadows and lipsticks. What do we recommend you buy? Everything!

Boss Blend Coffee Co.


Kalisha Carmichael, founder of Boss Blend Coffee Co. started her business to see people like herself represented in the coffee industry. Her passion for coffee and her business are inspired by her Afro-Cuban roots and we are applauding this Alpha Latina for creating a business in an industry that oftentimes capitalizes on Black labor without uplifting the Afro-Latinx community.

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