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The Secretary of State

Every state makes different voting and election rules. The SOS often determines when and how to register, but a state-issued ID is often required so it’s important to figure out what you need before you prepare to register. Do an internet search for your state’s Secretary of State’s office to get the most up-to-date information for your state.

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The County You Live In

In Los Angeles, California, for example, the Los Angeles County website includes several online resources for voting, including a chance to register to vote as well as checking your registration status, which is highly recommended. So head over to your county website to find more information on how you can register to vote and as importantly, update your registration with your current address!

Your Local DMV

DMVs often offer voter registration services. In North Carolina, individuals can register through the “myNCDMV” app, but voter registration applications must be submitted at least 25 days before an election, or they will not be processed until after the election. Verify with your state DMV to make sure what steps you need to follow to register to vote.  

Text lines

Technology has made it possible to register to vote through your phone but you guessed it, rules vary state by state. Registering to vote could possibly be a click away; text VOTE to 26797 to find out what’s available where you live.

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If all fails, head over to Vote.org and select your state. This savvy resource has information for almost everywhere in the whole U.S. As has been mentioned many times, the process varies, depending on what state you live in, but oftentimes it will take you no more than 2 minutes to register to vote! 

It’s no secret that politicians have made the simple patriotic act of voting, a highly contentious political debate. The whole thing is super gross – why would any politician want to make it confusing and hard to vote? Well, there are plenty of reasons why, but that’s for another article. On National Voter Registration Day let’s just be sure to register or update your current registration and decide who to vote for when that time comes.

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