If you’re looking for some time away from a screen or if you’re ready to crank out your ebook reader, we’ve got you covered. We’re recommending our top books to add to your reading list this month to keep you entertained. These reads were selected by how interesting the storylines are, and all of them are good enough to keep you glued to their pages until you’re done. With most of them being centered around mystery, race, and eerie relationships, we loved them all. Let us know what you think of our recommendations!

Copyright: William Morrow

“The Kindest Lie” by Nancy Johnson

Race, marriage, and all the other things that make life complicated intersect in this layered read by Nancy Johnson. Ruth Tuttle has defied societal expectations as an Ivy-League educated, successful Black engineer. Ruth has a loving husband and a child she had as a teenager she left behind to achieve success. Returning to her Indiana hometown, she comes to terms with her past and future in this page-turning read.

Copyright: St. Martin’s Press

“The Wife Upstairs” by Rachel Hawkins

If you’re into the idea of classic books but don’t have the patience to interpret older versions of English, “The Wife Upstairs” is a great modernized version of Jane Eyre. A great Southern Gothic version of the tale, it takes us through the journey of Jane and her whirlwind romance with Eddie Rochester and the mystery of his recently deceased wife.

Copyright: Berkley

“Happy and You Know It” by Laura Hankin

Meet Claire, a musician hitting a wall in her life after her former band reaches superstardom without her. Claire is hired to perform for a glamorous playgroup of New York City’s finest children and their mothers. When the mommy and me group takes a malicious turn after a failed wellness regime, this book is nothing short of surprising. A great quarantine read full of unexpected twists!

Copyright: G.P. Putnam’s Sons

“Such A Fun Age” by Kiley Reid

A hit in 2019 when it was first published, we’re bringing this one back to those who may not be aware. “Such a Fun Age” revolves around the lives of two women: thirty-something Alix Chamberlain, a successful letter-writing influencer who has helped women achieve their dreams, and twenty-five year old Emira Tucker, Alix’s babysitter who oversees her two-year-old daughter, Briar while lacking direction in her life. When Emira is unfairly racially profiled one night, both of their worlds are turned upside down when brings someone from Alix’s past back into her life.

Copyright: St. Martin’s Press

“Too Good to Be True” by Carola Lovering

We love a good page turner, and newly released “Too Good to Be True” definitely makes our list. Skye Starling is set to get everything she’s wanted in life with a proposal from her older, handsome boyfriend Burke despite their relationship being new. Burke, despite romancing Skye, isn’t who he seems. Skye soons finds out the man who proposed to her is already married and using her for his own means. Thirty years earlier, we learn the story of Heather, a strong teenager who is determined to achieve her own success in New York City and end her relationship with troubled Burke. We risk whiplash with these constant plot twists, but they’re all worth it.

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