So much of the Latinx experience is defined by our childhood years. All of the memories  from growing up in a bicultural home are a constant source of nostalgia. For many immigrant kids, these memories are also a way of remembering how your parents continued to carry their culture in a new country. This experience was certainly different from your English-speaking peers but now that you think about it, you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Take a trip down memory lane with us as we recount some of our favorite childhood memories during the 90s!

1. Your parents got all their news almost exclusively from Primer Impacto (and oftentimes it all seemed exaggerated)

2. You always had this killer sock and shoe combo for tons of special occasions

3. You grew up watching way too many novelas


4. You could sing all the words to the Rebelde theme song (even if you didn’t watch it)

Copyright: Televisa

5. You spent every Saturday night in front of the TV watching Don Francisco on Sábado Gigante

Copyright: Wilfredo Lee/Associated Press

6. You got your horoscopes from Walter Mercado and they were always on point

Copyright: Harry Langdon/Getty

7. Shakira was considered the edgiest pop star around


8. You were always hearing Maná’s “Oye Mi Amor” everywhere you went

9. You were always wondering what you’d find in these containers and being surprised by their contents

10. You dressed up like Selena on more than one occasion because, Anything for Selena!


11. Everyone was obsessed with Ricky Martin and that’s where your own love for him started


12. You were threatened with a visit from La Llorona, el Cucuy or some other made up monster if you didn’t eat your food


13. Your mom swore by Vicks and strange concoctions to cure you when you felt sick

14. Navidad was actually celebrated on Noche Buena on December 24th and December 25th was reserved for sleeping in and recovering from all the partying from the night before


15. You wouldn’t dare ask your parents to sleepover your friend’s house


16. Getting permission from your parents seemed like an impossible mission

17. “Hay comida en la casa” was always the response when you asked for a Happy Meal from McDonalds


18. You watched classics like El Chavo del Ocho and Chespirito with your parents


19. If you fell, your parents response was something along the lines of, “Andele, eso le pasa por travieso.”


20. They then proceeded to sing, sana, sana, colita de rana and you suddenly felt better

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